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4.9 of 5 stars (300+ reviews)

Light, crunchy, mini waffle cones with smooth, rich milk chocolate - the best part of a sundae cone, now available as a bite-sized snack.

  • Resealable bag

  • Handcrafted in Iowa, USA

  • Weight per bag: 2.33 oz (66 g) - NEW

  • About 15 bites per bag

  • Flavor: Milk Chocolate

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hey mouth, meet Muddy Bites.

Light, crunchy, mini waffle cones with smooth, rich milk chocolate. A snack that can be paired with anything at any time. Each bite will give you that familiar sense of happiness as if you were just finishing a sundae cone.

The first bite-sized waffle cone of its kind.

What is a Muddy Bite?

Essentially, we took the bottom part of a sundae cone (aka, everyone's favorite part) and turned it into a bite-sized snack you can enjoy over and over again by putting about 15 "bites" into a resealable bag.

That’s what Muddy Bites are; bite-sized waffle cones filled with delicious milk chocolate.

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What's in Muddy Bites?

Here are our nutritional facts - we like to be very transparent so here you can see exactly what you're ordering.

Muddy Bites also contains the following allergens:
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Soy
What about gluten free, vegan, nuts, & Kosher?
At this time, Muddy Bites are NOT gluten free, vegan, or Kosher certified. Our product and facility also do NOT contain nuts - we prevent cross-contamination.
Have questions about our nutritional facts?
We'd be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please head to our support page by clicking here to contact us.
Nutritional Label
INGREDIENTS: Milk Chocolate [sugar, vegetable oil (palm kernel oil, hydrogenated palm kernel and cottonseed oils), nonfat dry milk, cocoa, milk, glyceryl-lacto esters of fatty acids, soy lecithin, and salt], sugar cone [bleached enriched wheat flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), brown sugar, contains less than 2% of: natural flavor, oat fiber, salt, soy lecithin, vegetable oil shortening (canola oil and/or modified palm oil and/or soybean oil)]
Muddy Bites are good for 365 days.

our happy biters.

4.9 of 5 stars (300+ reviews)
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Verified biter

My boyfriend is obsessed with these! He LOVES them. I think I've had 2 pieces out of 10 bags (they are good, haha). Next time I order I'm going to have to hide a bag for myself!

Hannah Arnold
Verified biter
Perfectly Crunchy & Sweet

These are so yummy! They taste just like the bottom of a cone. It’s really hard not to eat the entire bag! They also make the perfect stocking stuffer! Buy some. 😊

Morgan Groeneweg
Verified biter

These are awesome! I put mine in the freezer. Best snack ever!

Verified biter

Just got mine today...thought they were a little pricey at first..... but well worth the money....They are Awesome!!

Verified biter

The only negative is that I can’t have these all to myself! Hard to share with my daughter but I guess! She’s a picky snacker and she loves these!

Verified biter

Just placed my second order. Delicious!!

Perry James
Verified biter

Muddy Bites are great! Shipping was insanely fast and we’re packaged great! Will be ordering again!

nicholas west
Verified biter

Would definitely recommend. Snacks are very tasty and satisfying. Will be ordering again.

Verified biter

These are so good !! I plan on ordering more for stocking stuffers !!

Verified biter

I bought 5 packs and I think I will buy more because they are delicious

Verified biter

With one bite I’m taken back to my childhood where getting to the bottom of the cone was absolutely my favorite part of every drumstick I’ve had. I love these so much!!

Verified biter

I thought I would give these a try and, boy, am I glad I did! Very tasty treat, very flavorful. And they're cute, too. I'm hooked.

Verified biter

What a great idea! The best part of the cone and a whole big bag of them! So delicious. I enjoyed every morsel! 💕

Verified biter
Muddy bites

These are so tasty!!!

Jasmine Gurley
Verified biter

This is just like the best part of the cone! Exactly like the ice cream cone without eating the entire thing!

Verified biter

The best

Verified biter
An Instant Favorite!!

These are quite possibly the greatest snack ever invented. The crunch and the flavor will have you opening another bag before finishing the previous one!

Verified biter

I would highly recommend these snacks. Very satisfying snack. I will continue to buy some...yum!

Kate R
Verified biter
Should’ve Ordered More!!

OMG. These are heavenly! Customer service is fantastic. I wish I could find them locally, but directly supporting a small business is more important than satisfying a craving. I’ll definitely order more for stocking stuffers!

Donna McDonald
Verified biter
Love Muddy Bites

My new favorite snack!

David J Witherspoon
Verified biter


Steven Watkins
Verified biter
Amazing treat

These are well worth every penny. Both the cone and chocolate are just the right amount of sweet without being overwhelming. I definitely give these 5 stars. I've made two orders already and will be ordering again very soon. I hope to someday see these treats in stores everywhere!

Verified biter

I shared with my coworkers them loved them so did i...was also mention that even tho the chocolate was good that other flavors like caramel peanut butter and strawberry would taste good also

Chevon B
Verified biter
This are Great

This are great taste exactly like the bottom of the ice cream cone, I would definitely be purchasing again.

Verified biter
Awesome stuff!!

Love these snacks. Kids love them in their school tlunches. 3 kids so 1 bag takes care of them and then some. Love them!

Linda S Molitoris
Verified biter

Love your Muddy Bites. Not sure I will be sharing mine with my grand daughters. They may eat too many!!

Verified biter
Soo Yummy

Soo yummy...all 5 bags are almost gone after only a week. Everyone in the family claimed a bag for their own. LOL

Regina Mathis
Verified biter

I really enjoyed these. Almost ate all 5 bags at once. We will be definitely be ordering more

Michelle Griffiths
Verified biter
Fun-Delicious treat

I love these sweet treats. They help satisfy my sweet tooth. I think they’d make a fun ice cream sundae topping.

Verified biter

I can't stop eating these!!

2 / 12