bite-sized waffle cones.

The best part of a sundae cone, now available as a bite-sized snack wrapped in a waffle cone blanket. Welcome to Muddy Bites!
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what are Muddy Bites?

Muddy Bites are the first ever bite-sized cone filled with chocolate to hit the snack industry. For years, ice cream manufacturers have put delicious chocolate at the bottom of their sundae cones. For many people, this quickly became their favorite part. Unfortunately, no one made just that... until now.

Meet Muddy Bites; bite-sized waffle cones filled with delicious milk chocolate.

Each bag of Muddy Bites contains about 15 bite-sized pieces so you can enjoy the best part of a sundae cone over and over. Including a resealable zip-lock so you always save some for later (if you really wanted to for some reason).

time to get your bite on.

Light, crunchy, mini waffle cones with smooth, rich milk chocolate. A snack that can be paired with anything at any time. Each bite will give you that familiar sense of happiness as if you were just finishing a sundae cone. The first bite-sized waffle cone of its kind.

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few happy biters.

see the bite yourself.