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We’re here to help! Contact our amazing support team and we'll get back to you typically within a few hours (between 9am-5pm CT, Monday through Friday).

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bites come in a bag?

There are 14 bites in each bag and every (single) bag of Muddy Bites weighs approximately 2.33oz.

Can I order just one bag?

At this time, no. To be transparent, shipping ONE bag of Muddy Bites just doesn't make sense with the increasing postage rates. Plus, you'd be mad you only bought one bag because you're going to love them! :)

Do you offer free shipping?

On orders above $30, we do! We wish we could offer free shipping on ALL orders, but with rising postage cost every year, this becomes difficult. We ship all orders via FedEx to ensure a 2-3 delivery day window.

How fast do orders ship out?

Orders are typically fulfilled within one business day (unless stated otherwise at checkout). Orders placed before 1pm CT are shipped out same day and orders placed after 1pm CT will often be shipped out the following day. We ship Monday-Friday and use USPS & UPS as our shipping carriers at this time.

How can I get an update on my open order?

Simply use the form above and enter as much information as possible (like your order number, questions, etc.) so we can understand your request. From there, our team will be able to look into your order and provide you some information!

What happens if my order arrives melted?

With the hot summer season we're experiencing, we have not seen many melting issues at all. But if your order does arrive melted, please use the form above to contact us so we can look into this and provide next steps. We will ask for photos to look into the melting issue a bit further so please have this ready.

Once an order has shipped can I change my address?

No. Once your order has been fulfilled (meaning we bought a shipping label, boxed up your order, & you received an email with tracking information), we cannot change your shipping address. Nor are we responsible for lost packages due to invalid shipping addresses.

How should I store Muddy Bites?

Room temp is completely fine! We've also heard people put them in the freezer for a nice cold treat. But due to our product containing chocolate, we recommend keeping in a cool or room temperature environment. All orders are shipped in a box by FedEx to ensure a 2-3 delivery window to help avoid melting during the summer seasons.

What about gluten free, vegan, nuts and kosher?

At this time, Muddy Bites is NOT gluten-free, vegan, or Kosher certified. Our product and facility also do NOT contain nuts - we prevent cross-contamination.

Are there any allergens in Muddy Bites?

Yes - Milk, Wheat, & Soy.

How do subscriptions work?

Our Subscribe & Save program is super easy! You simply choose your flavor, hit the "Subscribe & Save" option vs the one-time option, and then choose your delivery schedule (2, 4, or 8 week delivery). From there, we will ship Muddy Bites (as long as your subscription is active) to you every single month (or based on your delivery schedule)! Our subscriptions are powered by Skio which makes it super easy for you to edit, cancel, swap out products, skip a delivery, & more. You can manage your subscription here.

Does Muddy Bites ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we only ship within the United States at this time. However, we promise we're working on international shipping, there are just a few moving pieces dealing with shipping chocolate all over the world.

Are Muddy Bites in stores yet?

We are not (YET)...However, we're currently working on this and hope to be in stores across the country during Q3 and Q4 of 2021. So be on the lookout! We will be sharing updates on our social media, newsletter, and be adding a "location" page to our website soon.

I want carry Muddy Bites in my store or learn more about your wholesale program.

To get started with our wholesale program, please head to this link and fill out our application. From there, once we're ready (Q3/Q4 of 2021), we will reach out on next steps for you to wholesale Muddy Bites!

I'm a journalist & want to write about Muddy Bites!
I'm an influencer and want to work with Muddy Bites!

Nice, using your audience for free Bites? Haha we get it. Please email our Social Media Director at emma@muddybites.com.