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Verified biter
Yup...this is legit

I've heard of these for years. Back when the concept started floating around and until this year I thought it was still a start-up campaign. I didn't know it was live. I jumped on it asap and I'm happy I did! These things are perfect - delicious, bite sized, just the right amount in one bag (and a seal in case you only wanted a few - it's the little things) and to top it off with nostalgia of a familiar treat when growing up. You're here looking at reviews for validation on getting it... just go for it.

Dipa Patel
Verified biter

I got these for my daughter and absolutely loved them. Looks like I will be reordering soon.

Verified biter

Best part of my favorite ice cream snack

Verified biter
W O W ! !

I just knew I was going to luv these and so glad I ordered the 10 bag option . . . will definitely be back for a second order when I'm down to my last bag, which will be very shortly ! !

Jeri Tokumoto
Verified biter
Great Snack

Finally ordered it after seeing all the ads on Facebook. Quick shipping and totally worth it. Bags were smaller than I thought they would be though, but I guess I just have to buy more.

Verified biter
Yum yum

I found this Company on Facebook. After reading the reviews, I made my purchase. These were so great. Something you didn’t even know you needed. A new and a forever customer.

Brandon Morse
Verified biter
Best thing on earth!

Ahhmazing! So addicting!

Verified biter
Beyond Expectations

These are the best little sweet treat! The idea alone is amazing, but the execution is phenomenal! My whole family love these! I gave some to my friend who loves chocolate and she is in love like I am!

Rebecca Pustolka
Verified biter
Crispy deliciousness

I got the 5 pack of bags which was good for me. I enjoyed them very much, and they are incredibly crispy and good quality.

Ashley Zavodny
Verified biter

Simply amazing! As a child the bottom of the cone was always my favorite and I would wish I had more than one! Well now I can have the best part without the guilt of the ice cream 😊 I’ve got my whole family hooked on these now!

Sarah Utley
Verified biter

They taste exactly how they should, so good!

Marianne Reardon
Verified biter

We ate them all in 2 days!

Bethany Armstrong
Verified biter

Stop reading reviews. Just buy! You won’t regret it!!

Verified biter
Prefect snack!

Absolutely perfect. Great for a snack on it’s own or as an ice cream topping.

Verified biter

They were great!

Deborah McAdams
Verified biter
Perfect treat

So simple. So good!

Danielle B
Verified biter
Just what I was hoping for

My favorite part of the ice cream cone and when frozen these taste just like it! Hopefully these become available in stores soon!

Verified biter
Great Muddy Bites

Fantastic idea!! Love this snack!!

Donna Johnson
Verified biter

These are amazing! The best part of a sundae cone in bite size pieces. Fabulous!

Verified biter
Wish I Would Have Thought Of It!

Not even going to lie, I wish I would have thought of this GENIUS product! Sooo good! And the customer service is second to none. Shipping was fast and I will be ordering again!!

Verified biter
Sooo good

These didn’t even lay two days in my house they’re dangerously good!

Verified biter

Who doesn’t love the bottom of a sugar cone!! Genius!! So yummy, ready to order more!!

Verified biter

I went thru two bags as soon as I got them in the mail! I’m holding on to one bag for my sister but dang it’s been the hardest thing looking at the bag and not breaking it open!! Def need bigger size bag! But so yummy without the whole ice cream and large cone thing!! So so good!

Verified biter
Definitely Delicious!

I must admit I was NOT trying to order for the second time, BUT, can not help my self! Those 5 bags were gone before the week ended. Try them with some butter pecan ice crea--OMG! You will not be disappointed. This time I'm ordering 10 bags!

Sarah Bullard
Verified biter
Pretty dang amazing!

These are so good! It makes it hard to not be so bad and eat them ALL!

Verified biter
Amazing !!!

Muddy bites is amazing !!! Love the bottom of a drum stick! Now I don’t got to deal with eating ice cream just to get to the end ! :)) soo good ! Ordered 2 times already !

Verified biter

Omg they’re amazing!U have to get them

Verified biter

I wanted to get these for the longest and i finally have and they're amazing !

Daniel Cleaver
Verified biter

Ordered 10 bags because I knew I would love them. Its been a week and I'm about to order more. I wish I could buy more than 10 bags at a time. I'd buy a truckload if they sold it.

Verified biter

Best thing ever made!!!

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