our happy biters.

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Tina McBride
Verified Buyer
Yummy bites

So yummy can’t wait for dark chocolate please try you won’t be sorry

Verified Buyer
Order extra!

We first tried these when my teen daughter saw them on social media. WOW they are good! The first 5 bags were gone fast, so we ordered more - and I saw there is a subscription! We signed up for that, got our order, they were gone in days. I had signed us up for every 8 weeks, but now need to change that as we cannot go with out them that long! They arrive safely, never any broken. Hoping for white chocolate or strawberry in the future.

Jeanette M Murphy
Verified Buyer

Delicious !!! Shared with my neighbors and they are hooked too.

Verified Buyer

Muddy Bites are the best things ever!!! Love, love them!!

Sharon & Jess Helms
Verified Buyer
Totally Delicious Are Muddy Bites!!!!

You heard that right...Muddy Bites are totally delicious!!! That delicious end part of a cone that catures that last sweet bit of chocolate goodness...but, it's truly the only part that really matters!!!! Jess and I both gravitate towards the Milk Chocolate but we also found the Dark Chocolate just as delicious! Can't complain when you're eating the best and you don't even have to bother with all the rest! Muddy Bites will rapidly become the number one snack of all time!!! It already is for many of us!

Timothy Zick
Verified Buyer
So Good!

My wife somehow found out about these and we decided to order some. She said they were so good, but I still had my doubts. I figured the waffle prices would be stale and tasteless, the chocolate below-par. To my surprise, they were so good! Everything about that was exactly how we hoped it would be!

Stefanie Bresnahan
Verified Buyer

They are so good! Great packaging! I figured they'd be in a bag like that. Will def order again

Jody Larsen
Verified Buyer

Love these. Think I'm going to get subscription for more.

Verified Buyer

I love these little cones! I just wish they came in bigger bags. I shared with everyone that was interested in trying them and all loved them! Ill be ordering more!

Verified Buyer
Worth the wait! Very delicious

I love that these are hand crafted; you can tell the difference in the first bite - perfect mix of chocolate + cone. It's a treat anyone can enjoy!

Verified Buyer

Absolutely amazing. Exactly what I was expecting. Brings back childhood memories of getting ice cream cones in the summer. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone!

Kassie Long
Verified Buyer

I just got my second order delivered over the weekend!! I like them so much the first time, I ordered again but this time ordered 2 cases thinking they'd last longer haha boy was I wrong. Going to be putting in a 3rd order soon, my kids found my stash and ate half of my bags! They love them just as much as I do!! They're convenient and taste just like you'd expect. I couldn't be happier when I am enjoying muddy bites!!

Geri C
Verified Buyer
Send more

Fabulous treat. Please send 2 boxes of milk chocolate. Quick! And 10% off. Thank you.

Verified Buyer

Best snack ever!! Unbelievable taste and crunch. Can’t wait for the Dark Chocolate to come out!!

Verified Buyer
Not your hum drum snack

Certainly not a usual snack. I'm hooked! Thanks Jarrod.

Verified Buyer
Love it!!!

Conveniently packaged bags of tasty goodness with out any mess of dripping ice cream. Not one was broken. Amazing !!! Will order more.

Verified Buyer
Losing cone-trol

When I discovered that Muddy Bites were a thing, I was in a dark place and this news had me fist pumping like was back in da klerb on the Jersey Shore. Were Muddy Bites going to be humankinds' ticket out of the pit of despair? I didn't know. And I still don't know. All I knew is that I wasn't alone in this world because someone out there shared the dream I always had. And that dream is to eat an entire bowl of chocolate filled sundae cone bottoms. It took me 6 months to commit to ordering these because I was afraid to be let down. I mean, what if they totally blew? Then what? Was I supposed to go back to buying packages of sundae cones and eating JUST the bottoms? You can't make me go back!!!! I received my package on a 90 degree day here in NY. The box was cooked. I thought.. why God? Why do you hate me? Is it because of the wasted sundae cones? I threw the box in the refrigerator and crawled into bed to sleep off the rage. 2 hours later I opened the box. Ok, small packages for $5/ea.. but whatever, I used my stimulus to buy this, and its been a long weird year... get over it. And they taste great. I thought of all of the people I wanted to share them with. And then I thought about how it took me 6 months to commit to ordering them, and that I should probably keep these for myself. For sanity's sake. I'm eating them as I type this now. I recommend this product, because its made of dreams. And dreams are rad. Thank you.

Patricia Benavidez
Verified Buyer
Best chocolate fix ever

The fist one I ate was so awesome I couldn’t stop. I needed a chocolate fix and this was the best one I’ve had in a long time.

Christyna Slater
Verified Buyer

Me and my family loved these muddy bites . Taste 100% , only thing is the pricing could be slightly cheaper.

Verified Buyer
The best

I loved the Muddy bites they taste just like the bottom of drum stick ice cream cones. I regret buying just one pack and wish I had bought more. They are the perfect snack and my whole family loves them.

Candice Winslow
Verified Buyer
Excellent snack!

Only problem the packages are too small! Love them!

Verified Buyer
Thee Absolute Best

These are amazing!!! I wish I would’ve gotten more! I highly recommend the Muddy Bites!

Devin Lovinggood
Verified Buyer

These were so delicious and came on time!!!

Verified Buyer

Love these muddy bites!!!

Rikki LeClair
Verified Buyer

I definitely have to say those bites were amazing. Was not expecting the bags to be so full and the bites to be so big. I am going to have to get 2 boxes next time cause they went so fast.

Kristin Marbaugh
Verified Buyer
So good!

These are amazing!

Dieatra j Addvensky
Verified Buyer
Muddy bites

These are incredible almost addictive you can not just eat one serving size. I love them as much as my grandchildren do

Verified Buyer
Favorite snack

Love love love these delicious treats. Perfect sizze and bursting with flavor

Verified Buyer
I love these!!!! So addictive!

Soooo good! I will be coming back for more! Perfect amount of sweet and crunch!

Verified Buyer

I LOVE waffle cones. And everyone knows the bast part is always the bottom. I debated for a good couple months on weather or not I should order, I regret not ordering sooner 😍

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