our happy biters.

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Daniel Gilmore
Verified biter
Ordered two, then five more

I ordered two boxes and demolished them in two days, then on the last bag I ordered even more, and it lined up with the 20% sale

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I've had my eyes on this website for months now, i haven't ordered any before but have some on the way and I'm super stoked to receive them and let me and my fiancee enjoy these cute sweet treats

Claire Bloomston
Verified biter
yes yes yes!!

can't stop ordering these. me and my boyfriend are obsessed

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You guys should make a pitch to shark tank I need y’all in stores ASAP

Carrie Lawrence
Verified biter

Tasty memories without the cold ice cream.

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Customer service is amazing. 10 stars.

Had a slight issue applying a discount code. Sent an email to customer service. I had a response by 830 the next morning. Which happened to be Thanksgiving.. Jarod was able to get the issue after the first email.. Thank you again!

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My happy pregnant heart

This has been the best find for me, I’m pregnant with our first child and having the strangest cravings. I needed crunchy and sweet and this is the perfect crunch! Every bite is magical. Thank you for this 🤰🏻

Michelle Berliner
Verified biter
My new obsession!

These snacks have the perfect crunch and snackability to them. Perfect sized snack and perfect sized portions for a quick crunchy, sweet experience

Amanda bowman
Verified biter

Love these. Just cant eat one. Eat the whole bag. So addicting!! Getting more!!

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Refer A Friend !!

I am always cautious when I order something different from the internet, but Muddy Bites peaked my interest. After reviewing other's reviews I decided to give this a try. I was blown away by these cute little treats, their size, the taste, just enough to curb a little sweet tooth. But Beware ! You cannot eat just one or two, I ate the WHOLE package. I am a true customer forever now. I highly recommend and please give them a try.

Verified biter

The product is exactly what it says it is - the little ends of the drumstick cones. I remember eating them as a child for the sole purpose of getting to the end because I actually am not a fan of nuts and hated eating the top of the cone. I haven’t had one in years, yet the moment I tasted one, it instantly brought back my memory of the taste. I originally bought a box of 5 bags and hid them in the cabinet. I wasn’t expecting my boyfriend to taste it and like it so much - so much so that he went through 4 bags in about an hour. He had me order 10 bags this time around. Good product. Again, it’s exactly what it says it is!

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Bright spot in 2020

A treat to look forward to during quarantine, and a pleasure to share with family and friends once we were able to start gathering again. Great with a cup of coffee or to pass around the camp fire after dinner!

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These are so awesome and very addictive.Just not enough in each bag😛Had to order again.Could use a discount, maybe free shipping too.These would be good to dip in ice cream,yum.Love them so much,too much...

Verified biter

These are amazing! I will definitely be buying again once my stock runs low! I read a couple reviews about the shipping taking too long...mine arrived within a few days of placing my order!

Bobbie Lynn Ryan
Verified biter

My new favorite snack. I’ve told so many of my clients about them, they all love them as much as I do.

Verified biter

These are so good, like the one piece you eat an entire icecream to get to... and here it is in a bag. So yummy

Shelia Webb
Verified biter
Muddy bites

These are delicious and I will be buying again 😋

Verified biter
Yummy snacks

Delicious snack food!!

robert a hoffman
Verified biter

So addicting. These are my favorite. Im buying more as we speak

Verified biter

Crunchy chocolatey goodness in a bite size!

Verified biter

Finally someone brought my bussines idea from when I was 15 years old to life! Congratulations 😋

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So addicting

These little bites are so addicting. I couldn’t believe how fast I got through 5 bags. So delicious! I will for sure be ordering more in the near future.

Stephanie Humphrey
Verified biter

These are incredible!!!!!

Verified biter

Honestly, I only bought these because they looked incredible. I am so happy I was right! I bought a box of 5 bags and I honestly wish I bought more. They are soooooo addicting! Best nighttime snack! :)

Verified biter
Can't wait

Still haven't tried them because I purchased them for Christmas stocking stuffers. I'm sure they'll be fantastic though

Julie Ferreira
Verified biter

bought these to share with my family, and we knew they were gonna be good, but they were even better than we expected! love them

Verified biter

I’ve ordered last week.. and ordered the same week AGAIN after finishing my 5 pack box. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this snack!

Caroline Shulman
Verified biter
Delicious but overpriced

Exactly as expected. Just as delicious as any sugar cone filled with chocolate. They’re excellent cold. But really expensive for really small amounts.

Verified biter

I’m now addicted to these!!

Joe Cravaritis
Verified biter
<3 these

Muddy bites are sweet and delicious! If you ever had the ice cream with the hard chocolate at the bottom of a waffle cone that is this just that little part. I don’t leave reviews but these are so good I couldn’t help but say something.

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