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Muddy Bites


Sarah Gibson
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These are such a delicious treat! I bought them for my hubby but hid them for myself after sharing the first bag!

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Sooo good!!!!

This snack is so good, my kids literally wanna eat all five bags at once lol shipping took a little longer than expected but it was well worth the wait. I will definitely be ordering again.

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Obsessed isn’t even the word

Looking forward to placing my next order!

Alyssa Lansberg
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Wonderful at first bite

These were just the perfect bite sized snack! It is the definition of the best part of the cone. It was a great small sweet pick me up for the day when you just want a small amount of sweet and crunchy. Definitely a 5 star in my families book! We are hoping for more flavors in the future but we are going to getting more once we finish our box!

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They were like happiness in a small treat. Very satisfying and I had to hide 2 bags for myself so my boys wouldn't eat all of them!

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Order these you’ll thank me later!

Omg these are AMAZING! My kids and I LOVE them! Shipping did take a few weeks but I am hoping that is due to the pandemic. I cannot wait to order more! Order these you’ll thank me later!

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Amazing treats - my kids love them and want more!

I bought these to be something new and cool for my kids' Valentines gift bags. The didn't arrive in time so I gave them to them when they did. They LOVED them! I will probably get more for their Easter baskets and Christmas stockings for years to come. They are different, cool, and yummy!

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WOW!! these are great. i couldnt quit eating them. i will def buy again.

Dianna Piatkowski
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I’ve always loved the bottom part of the cones! These are sooo good and I haven’t even tried them WITH ice cream yet! The chocolate is melt in your mouth smooth and sweet. Would love to see some dark chocolate or coffee/mocha ones, maybe chocolate cones too! :)

Teah Baker
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Love them!!!! Just got mine today and I’d definitely order them again!!!!

Olivia W.
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These Are the Best!

I saw the ad for Muddy Bites come across my Facebook page and said to myself “those look tasty”! I kept holding off on ordering until I finally gave in. I’m now on my second order and a loyal customer for life. Not only are muddy bites good, but the company as a whole is amazing. I love the emails I get from Jarod (one of the founders) because it shows the appreciation they have for their customers. Pop some muddy bites in the refrigerator to get cold and trust me you’ll love them just as much as me!

Tim Siemer
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Resealable bag??

Not sure about the resealable bag? Never had to use it! All of a sudden I am searching for another one and their all gone. I always get sad when that happens☹️

Jillian Mecca
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So good!

These were everything I thought they'd be and more!! My only regret is I didn't find them sooner. It's a nice little indulgence especially when you don't want to eat the whole cone. Now I don't have to wait. I have the best part anytime I want. I'll definitely be ordering some more!

Miesha Curry
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I Love these so much!

Everything was great and the price was wayyy better than Amazon. I appreciate the help and the idea of this beautiful snack.

Geneva L Smedley
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Muddy bites of 😋

They're everything I imagined they would be and the best part of the ice-cream is now achievable without all the other stuff for that one delicious bite. Now I can relive the delicious bite over and over again.

Robert Marshall
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I really love my Muddybites from the first bite to the last.I highly recommend these to everyone who orders them.You won't be disappointed I promise you.

Tori Grabe
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These are amazing! Better than I expected, nice and crunchy !

Miranda Cadmus
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Addicting, melts in your mouth, Amazing

I ordered one box and it didn't even make it 48 hours. Between my kids, husband and coworkers everyone was hooked! I look forward to my monthly box of delicious treats!

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These are so, so good! Will definitely buy again, though the bags were slightly smaller than what I was expecting. My husband and I love them!!

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I loved these

Rick Thompson
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Keeps little sisters happy

While growing up, I was cursed with an annoying little kid sister who would take a bite from the best part of a waffle cone when I wasn't looking. Now we're older, and that same annoying little sister took in our mom while she recovers from cancer. That really meant a lot to me, so what better way to say thank you then to order that little brat a case of Muddy Bites. She loved 'em and I will be a long time customer if it means keeping my little sister happy and the bottom of my waffle cones bite free. Thanks Muddy Bites!

Mike Banitt
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Muddy Bites

There great. I think you should have Dairy Queen put it on there list for there Blizzards? Fantastic!!! Thanks

Michelle Corrigan
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So fresh

These muddy bites are even better then the bottom of the cone !!! They so fresh thank for coming up with these . They only thing I would like more is if they were dark chocolate.

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Awesome muddybites!

I just received my muddybites in the mail today. My family loves them!! I will be ordering more. Plus my daughters friends are all asking where to buy them. Not to worry..I sent them to your web site! 👍

Eve-Lynn Sofia
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Exceeded my expectations

I had very high expectations for these and they hit every single one. Not only did it taste exactly like the ice cream cone but it tasted amazing!! My entire family enjoyed these as well! We threw a bag in the freezer and they make an amazing frozen treats as well !

Claudia G Oliva
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I loved them, I knew that they would taste great...

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First time ordering these. Absolutely amazing. You definitely want to hide them and keep them all to yourself!

Stewart Family
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Must be good

Well I bought a box that came with 5 bags and my super picky husband and son attacked them like starved wolves and have demanded I buy more.. so..

Kelsey knutsen
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LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!! Perfect portioned bags, delicious, great customer service.

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