our happy biters.

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Marlene Peters
Verified biter

So good! I could eat a whole bag in a sitting. I wish they came in larger sizes! I would gobble them all up. So good. Trying to save a bag as a gift, hope it makes it. Haha.

Victoria OBanyoun
Verified biter

They are amazing and so addicting! Wish they were available in stores. Also wish the bags were bigger. Still so worth it though. Definitely will be a repeat customer.

Lori Gillam
Verified biter

I always just want the bottom of the cone and finally I can have it. They are amazing!

Verified biter

What a delicious snack! Sweet and crunchy! Ordered it as a gift, but kept a couple pouches to try—will order again!

Jennah L Taylor
Verified biter
Wonderful & worth the wait!

YAAAAAAAS!!! Ordered 2 more boxes! I'm in love!

patricia aviles
Verified biter
Very addictive

They was very good only lasted 2 days. Can't wait until they come out with dark chocolate ones

Mary Kulaga
Verified biter

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them! Such a yummy treat!

Verified biter

Wonderful product!! Thank you for the hard work you do to make these.

Verified biter

These are seriously addicting. So good, 10/10 recommend. 😋

Verified biter
The best part!

So happy with this treat! This is the best part of the ice cream and Muddy Bites has mastered. I will definitely be ordering again soon.

Verified biter
so good!

Why did it take so long for someone to think of this? These are outstanding!

Verified biter
Sooooooooooo good!

These are so insanely delicious and i love that a whole bag is 300 calories!!!

LaDonna Allen
Verified biter
Totally Delicious

Totally worth the wait...I only got to eat one, the rest of the bag went to my son, who ate his bag and mine, the rest of the family is also hooked. Ready to place another order.

Verified biter
Instant Subscription

I asked for these for Christmas to try them — those 5 bags didnt even make it to New Years. As soon as I finished them I was on the website to set up a subscription for these tasty treats. I made the mistake of sharing them with my mother and now she’s hooked too! Customers for life!

Verified biter
Delicious 😋

My husband and I love muddy bites 💕. The only problem is that I always finish my bags first. I have no self control with muddy bites in the house. Can't wait for our next order to come in.

Jasmine Phury
Verified biter

These are so addicting! Placing my 2nd order soon!

Aaron G
Verified biter
Muddy Bites are Muy Delicioso

Muddy bites really caught me off guard. They’re better than what I thought they’d be! I was kind of skeptical spending so much money on just 5 bags, but my curiosity got the better of me. I just had to try em and I was not disappointed! Will definitely order more.

Lisa Bost
Verified biter

Very delicious and addicting! I just placed my second order.

Mary A Sims
Verified biter

They were great i shared them with friends and they all ordered them! Keep up the great work!!!!

Melissa Russell
Verified biter
Very good


Verified biter

These best part of a drumstick anytime I want!! These are sooo good.

Shelley Malone
Verified biter

Love these!!

Verified biter

WARNING: REQUIRES SELF-CONTROL. Lol! These taste JUST LIKE the end piece of a drumstick ice cream cone!! I do not regret my purchase :>

Verified biter

These little treats are sooo good! I always looked forward to the end of my waffle cone ice cream, because of the chocolate in the bottom. And these are perfect!

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Give me MORE!

Ssoooo, it’s been a week and I’ve been through FIVE bags! Definitely going to have to order more. I’ve let friends and coworkers try them and got them hooked as well. Needless to say, I’m sure they’ll be ordering as well. Thank you, muddy bites for putting my childhood in a bag!

Nissa Evenson
Verified biter
So good!!

I’ve always said someone needs to make just the bottoms of a drumstick ice cream cone and you guys knocked these out of the park! My only wish is that the bags were bigger! Will definitely order again.

Tracy Greig
Verified biter

I absolutely 💯 love Muddy Bites!!! I'm currently on a "Diet" (ok, lifestyle change😂), and these little bites help me get through each day. A couple each day is just enough to take the edge off. The hardest part is limiting myself to just a couple. Plus I keep giving my bags away cause I want to share them with everyone, so I have to ration myself. 😂😂. They are that good!!!

Liz Gabriel
Verified biter

We absolutely love these! So bummed we can’t get them in store yet but we don’t mind ordering online, they are definitely worth the wait!

Verified biter
So good

These are so good. The chocolate is smooth and the cone crunchy. We will buy again.

Steven Higgins
Verified biter

Wife absolutely loves them

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