our happy biters.

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Verified Buyer

So yummy!! Will definitely order again. And shipped and delivered very timely.

Erica R Zoumbaris
Verified Buyer

Absolutely 💯delicious 😋 Great product.

Amarpreet Maholi
Verified Buyer
So nostalgic

Absolutely love these! Reminds me of my childhood eating the best part of an ice cream come!

Verified Buyer

These are the best!!!! They are addictive!! Can't put the bag down!! Finished the first box very quickly, so I put in an order for two more boxes!!!! Thank you!

Jin Lee
Verified Buyer
These are perfection!

Dark chocolate is perfect it’s exactly like drumsticks thank you!!

Verified Buyer
Muddy Bites

I love these they were very good and like another person said it’s hard not to eat the whole bag at one time. I do agree with other people that they are a little pricey for the amount that you get. I might consider trying the dark chocolate ones as I love dark chocolate.

Verified Buyer
Love them !!

Just placed my second order. It will not be my last. Love these. One of my grandchildren’s favorite snack.

Ariana Rivera
Verified Buyer

Best snack EVER! Didn’t last 2 whole days in this house

Verified Buyer

Soooo good. Shared with others & they loved it too!

Courtney Dansby
Verified Buyer

They taste amazing!!! I was skeptical at first but they ended up becoming such a perfect snack! I will definitely be a returning customer!

Ashley V
Verified Buyer

Soo good.. I mean who doesn't like the end of a drumstick? I am guilty of eating an entire bag in one sitting, but they are addicting.

Kevin Cook
Verified Buyer
Have to eat them all

My son saw these and kept bugging me to get them. I kept saying no, but eventually gave in cause he's spoiled. I tried the first bag with him and we couldn't stop eating them till the bag was empty. Every time we open a bag we eat them all. My son and I trying to stick our hands in bag at the same time and moving the bag away from each other to keep the other from being able to get one makes the wife laugh.

Lucille M Micenko
Verified Buyer
Divine Treat

Best snack ever!!

Verified Buyer
Best parr!

It really is the best part of the cone! This product has saved me from begging my family members for the end part of the cone! My dignity has been restored and sweet tooth satisfied! Thank you Muddy Bites!

Kathy Staley
Verified Buyer
Muddy Bites are the best!

These little jewels are out of this world. Nothing can compare to their unique taste. It’s hard to put them down! Yummy! 😋

Verified Buyer
Happy customer

Delicious! So hard not to eat the whole bag lol. A little pricier than I expected, but it's a young and growing company so understandable. Def will be buying again soon!

Katherine Del Valle
Verified Buyer
Amazing product and amazing customer service

This product is amazing!! The packaging is so cute and cool. They also taste absolutely amazing!! There customer service team is so fast and helpful. Shipping was also so quick!

Sandra Demers
Verified Buyer

i love them and i would get them again but kind of pricey

Nicole Wellen
Verified Buyer
Everything I wanted them to be.

They are amazing. Everything that I was hoping they would be.

Imalay Gonzalez
Verified Buyer

Just what I expected! They are delicious with milk.

Bobbi Axtell
Verified Buyer

Seriously the BEST sweet snack I’ve ever had!

Tammi D Ruselowski
Verified Buyer

My husband and I buy waffle cones from the store just to eat plain. This is the best of both worlds. Chocolate and waffle cone combined. They are yummy and went through our first shipment in a few days. LOVE THEM!!

Verified Buyer

These things are addictive, you can’t eat just 1!

Verified Buyer
Best thing ever!!

I love these!! Best idea ever!

Verified Buyer

This was so good and so crunchy! They were really fresh and I had to resist myself from eating the entire thing in one day! Definitely would recommend and most definitely will be ordering again!

Elizabeth Capizzano
Verified Buyer

They are so good! I love that they are individually wrapped!

Abbey Johnson
Verified Buyer
The perfect snack

These are so delicious, will definitely be purchasing again! The small bags make it so easy to control how much you are eating, which I find nice.

Dianna Piatkowski
Verified Buyer
Updated Review:

I left a review already about how much I love these but I thought I’d leave another saying that my sister told me off because I gave her a bag and she couldn’t stop herself and ate the whole thing haha! A friend also is about to order some after him and my boyfriend ate almost all of them while I wasn’t home 😂. Looks like I’ll be ordering more- can’t wait for my dark chocolate ones!

Martae Hairston
Verified Buyer
Best on Earth

No explanation needed. Just go buy them. What are you waiting for.

Jeffrey Thomas Ramsey
Verified Buyer
tastes like what you think they will taste like 10/10!

Exactly like the bottom of the cone. Absolutely amazing!

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