Valentine’s-themed heart-shaped box containing Muddy Bites with a pink background

5 Ways To Gift Muddy Bites This Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing that says “I love you” quite like chocolate. That’s why Muddy Bites make the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life! Our chocolate filled waffle cone snacks are versatile and can be gifted in a variety of ways. 

#1. Muddy Bites in a heart-shaped box!

If you’re looking for a classic presentation for our chocolate snacks, grab a heart shaped box from your local dollar store or craft store and pour Muddy Bites in them! If you’re looking for some variety, grab a variety pack and feature all three flavors.

Muddy Bites in a heart-shaped box

#2. Wine and Chocolate

For the wine lovers in your life, you can get your favorite bottle of red blend and pair it with our dark chocolate Muddy Bites for a romantic evening in.

Wine and Chocolate

#3. Charcuterie Board

Plan a tasty date night featuring our waffle cone snacks, meats, and cheeses. We’re firm believers that all charcuterie boards should have a sweet treat!

Charcuterie Board

#4. Gift Card

Did you know that we offer Digital Gift Cards? Give the gift of Muddy Bites and let your loved ones pick out their own favorite flavor from our website! Shop here.

Muddy Bites Gift card

#5. Baked Goods & Flowers

If you want to create something with love, try one of our baked goods recipes listed on our website! Pair something made from scratch with a bouquet of flowers for a romantic touch. This decadent chocolate cake is a good place to start!

Baked Goods & Flowers