Game day party ideas featuring Muddy Bites: 5 delicious ways to enjoy

5 Ways To Use Muddy Bites At Your Next Game Day Party

If you’re thinking of gathering friends and family for football Sunday this winter, you’re going to love these unique snack and dessert ideas featuring Muddy Bites. From snack boards to dessert dips, our team has put together the perfect guide to help your night be a delicious success.

At Muddy Bites, we believe that the food and snacks are every bit as important as the game. Here are five ways you can bring Muddy Bites to your next football watch party: 

#1. Peanut Butter Dip!

This easy football shaped dessert dip pairs perfectly with our Milk Chocolate Muddy Bites. Bring it out after dinner for a delicious dessert.

Muddy Bites Peanut Butter Dip

#2. Serve Muddy Bites by themselves!

Don’t feel like making dessert? We’ve got you covered. Grab a variety pack and put all three flavors in a bowl for an easy sweet treat

Muddy Bites in a bowl!

#3. Snack Mix!

If you’re looking for something a little more salty, make this easy snack mix with pretzels, square corn cereal, crackers, and dark chocolate Muddy Bites.

Muddy Bites Snack Mix!

#4. Charcuterie Board!

Nothing says football Sunday like a delicious grazing board. Grab your favorite meats and cheeses and add dark chocolate Muddy Bites for the perfect pairing.

Muddy Bites Charcuterie Board

#5. Pudding Shots for Touchdowns!

These easy pudding shots topped with Milk Chocolate Muddy Bites are a delicious way to celebrate a touchdown. Pro tip: Add a shot of your favorite liqueur to the pudding mix for a boozy twist!

Muddy Bites Pudding Shots for Touchdowns!