New website, bag design, pack type & more!

New website, bag design, pack type & more!

We’re so excited to launch some big updates here at Muddy Bites! 

Below are some of the big updates our entire team has been working on over the last few months:


Bag Design

Muddy Bites new bag design (right)
You may have noticed our bags have a NEW look - old version on the left, new on the right! Some highlights include:
  • Muddy Bites are now Non-GMO and OU-D Kosher certified! We have added our certification to our revamped packaging. 
  • Dark chocolate is now purple! Do not worry, we haven’t changed anything about our dark chocolate flavor, just want to make sure it really pops on the shelf.
    • New Dark Chocolate design
  • Speaking of new colors, our Muddy Bites logo is now only in “Muddy Bites blue” for all of our packaging, making it easier to find and recognize us.

All-in-all, we’re so excited about this new version of our bag design rolling out to our retail partners and shipping on our website orders today!


New Website

New website screenshot

With our new bag design, we wanted to update our website for the first time in well over a year. Making improvements not only on design but use-ability, making the website easier for you to use! Few specific updates we’ve made to enhance your digital experience:

  • Homepage slider; key for announcing specific sales, retailers, news, and more!
  • Locations; we’ve updated our site locator and access to find if any stores near you carry Muddy Bites!
  • FAQ; have questions? Can contact us or use our new and improved FAQ page to get answers to our most common questions.
  • The Scoop; we’re so excited to launch a new blog! “The Scoop” will feature stories from our team, recipes, retailers, and more. This is going to be a central home to learn more about Muddy Bites and ways to eat Muddy Bites!
  • Ordering; on our order page, you can now select flavor typer and bag count much easier! Making it more clear on what you’re actually ordering. 
  • Variety pack; over the last few months, we have been privately testing a new variety pack (one of each flavor) and it has been a huge hit! Because of this, variety pack is now available for purchase!
  • Savings; We have never done this, but on our ordering pages, you can now see how much you’ll save by ordering more! We even show you the breakdown on cost per bag.


New Pack Type

New Muddy Bites website

Previously when ordering through, you would order in quantities on FIVE (5). Starting today, you will now order in quantities of THREE (3). Why did we do this? Through 140,000+ orders directly through our website, we have learned a thing or two from our audience and because of this, making it easier for you to order. 3 bags vs 5 is now cheaper, less to consume (or stock in your pantry), and logistically speaking, easier for us to ship. It’s a win-win on all fronts! You can also get a new variety pack (one bag of each flavor) as well as seeing how much you can save by ordering more than just three (3) bags.



Our goal was to make these changes for YOU. Making it a more enjoyable experience from picking a bag up on a retail shelf, to ordering a variety pack online. We always think of our customers first and aim to create a wonderful experience you can enjoy time and time again. That being said, as you scan our new website, if you notice any bugs or issues, please go to our support page to leave us a message so we can get that fixed!